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HIMO EBike Grey C26


Racing without losing safety! Both front and rear disc brakes use power-off sensors to replace traditional lines. The appearance is simple, the braking is stable and the performance is outstanding. It features quick braking to ensure safe riding. This ebike is a must! It also has an adjustable suspension fork – the shock-absorbing stroke can be turned on or off by the right knob and the shock-absorbing softness can be fine-tuned by the left knob, providing you with multiple choices of racing and off-road modes, and comfort and long-range modes, and is more adaptable to a variety of road conditions. An exquisite workmanship, lightweight, strength and good cornering performance make this an unbeatable vehicle.

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HIMO C26 E-Bike Grey

Model Part Number: C26 Grey

  1. Complete control with waterproof control panel with digital display.
  2. 250W electric motor with 3 speed running modes:-
  3. Pure Electric mode: Users do not have to pedal.
  4. Moped or Mix Mode: Users use the pedals and the motor assists them.
  5. Pedal mode: Users pedal without the support of an electric motor.
  6. Large-capacity battery offers a range of up to 100 km* in Mix Mode and up to 60 km* in Electric Mode.
  7. Excellent manufacturing with high-quality aluminium body.
  8. Sensitive and efficient braking system with Hydraulic brakes

Product Overview

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*Full throttle mode is not supported / allowed for this bike, according to Australia Law.


General parametres

Item Specification Description
Brand HIMO
Product Electric bicycle
Model C26
Dimensions (unfolded) 1050 x 1740 x 660 mm
Weight 25 kg
Max. Supported Load 100 kg




Item Specification DESCRIPTION
Nominal Power 250W
Maximum Speed 25 km/h
Revolutions per Minute 200r/min
Nominal Voltage 48V




Item Specification DESCRIPTION
Type 18650 Lithium Ion
Capacity 10Ah
Nominal Voltage 48V
Maximum Autonomy 100 km



Packaging Detail

Packaging Content
1x Xiaomi HIMO C26 Electric MTB Bicycle Grey 1x User Manual


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