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Why Buy a Pool Table?

8FT Slate Premier Deluxe Pool Table

Buying a pool table is a fun experience!

Its one of the those great things to have in any home.

Having a pool table is the best way to entertain others while you sit back and relax with friends. Buying a pool table will also give you and your family an opportunity to spend time together if there is little to do.

You don’t have to break the bank as you could buy a 6ft or 7ft pool table which are reasonably priced and will look great in any home.

Owning your own pool table allows you to practice and enhance your skills. Having your own space to play anytime you want is also a huge plus!

In the end, we hope to ensure you’re happy with your decision and that you get many years of use out of your pool table.

1. Having a pool table in the house will give you the perfect excuse for all the family to spend time together.

2. It’s a one-off expense which can be used over and over again.

3. Children who become interested in playing pool will have a more active mind and body than their peers who simply sit in front of the TV!

4. You can invite friends around to enjoy a game of pool as part of a day or evening social gathering.

5. Any space can be made into a space for a pool table.

New 7ft XPRO Dining Pool Table Purchase at North Gosford, NSW.

7FT XPRO Dining Pool Table

Our customer could not believe how solid this table was for the price!

Many happy memories of this customer playing pool in perfect LED pool table style!!

LED Pool Table Fun at Valdora Qld

image 2

We have sold to many retirement villages

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We have sold our pool tables to many retirement villages, hospitals and community centres Australia Wide!

Thanks for your pool table purchase! Photo provided by customer. Ric, Bonnyrigg Heights, NSW.


A Valued Customers 8ft Black Felt Pool Table Purchase

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What is the Difference Between Slate Bed and MDF Bed Pool Tables?


Slate bed pool tables have a playing surface made from slate, which is then covered in cloth.  The slate can vary in thickness from 19mm to 30mm. The thicker slate is used on larger and more expensive tables, and some larger tables will use two or even three pieces of slate. 


MDF pool tables have a playing surface made from MDF -a type of hardboard, which is made from wood fibres glued under heat and pressure. MDF pool tables come with the benefit of being cheaper and lighter than slate tables. Our range of MDF tables are quite durable which is a great factor to consider.


Thank you for your purchase. Hope this brings many good memories to your residents! Bright VIC, 3741

A Purchase from a Local Community & Aged Care Facility

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A Recent 7ft Pool Table Purchase - Red Felt Black Frame

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Thank you for your pool table purchase Barish! Photo taken from customer. Bonbeach, VIC, 3196

Photo taken from one of our highly valued customers, thank you Blair!!! Thank you for your pool table Purchase! Beechboro WA, 6063 

Thank you for your pool table purchase Barish! Photo taken from customer. Bonbeach, VIC, 3196.

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LED Pool Table Delivered to Urraween QLD

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Thanks for purchasing the LED pool table from our online store, great photo Stan! Urraween QLD, 4655