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Electric Fireplaces

We have a range of mantel designs with heater inserts. View the below range of our handpicked exceptional designs to suit any décor.

Electric Fireplaces


We Stock, Mantel, Wall and Insert Heater Designs


Our designs are growing and have been extremely popular during the winter periods. We stock a range of brands including Dimplex and other known brands for both inserts and with mantel.


If you are looking for a stunning mantel with insert we have a range of them! Buy a mantel you will love! If you are looking for a mantel or insert we also have a growing range making our store the number one stop for an electric fireplace in Australia!

White Fireplaces
View our range of electric fireplaces with mantel designs.
Stone Fireplaces
View our range of stone  designs.
Wall Fireplaces
View our range of wall designs. 
Fireplace Inserts
View our growing range of inserts.

Our range of electric fireplace with mantel designs are easy to install and are in stock.

Our designs will suit all decors and will provide your guests with the ultimate luxury, we have a solution for you.

Our range has a realistic flame effect with various features adding ambience and warmth to your home.

You will love the ambience given their luxury designs and economic power usage.

Installation is so simple, and can be installed or placed anywhere in your home. No exterior wall access is required.

There are many benefits of having an electric fireplace in your home. One advantage is that you don’t need a chimney! Not having a chimney, fuel or access to a gas connection to your home is not an issue as these plug into your power supply.

We stock a large range of wall mounted, insert and complete with mantel designs all available in different colors and styles.

Our range of designs feature innovative LED or LCD technology which beautify the flame effect and greatly decrease a power usage.

Our inserts can be used without the heat function if you want to see the realistic flame effect only so you can enjoy the flame look all year round.

Feel The Ambience

If you love the glowing warmth of a fireplace but prefer low maintenance, consider an electric fireplace. Unlike the classic gas and wood electric fireplaces, an electric fireplace can easily be installed in any room, with no ventilation needed or complications. Sounds like a dream come true!

Comfort & Ease

Electric fireplaces are low mess which is because they don’t create fumes or soot like the older wood and gas fireplaces, which therefore makes them  much safer and suitable than traditional fireplaces. Our designs have flickering flame settings that are quite realistic, and affordable! Are you intrigued by the idea of an electric fireplace?

Considerations When Purchasing An Electric Fireplace

Many considerations go into choosing the right electric fireplace for your home or office. You could simply be looking for aesthetics and something that feels comforting, or you might rather the look of a fireplace and the warmth of an electric heater. Our products have both functions!

How an electric fireplace will be used such as entertaining guests, to warm up a room or for simple home decor and aesthetics will help narrow the selection of where it should go. The style best suited to you is also the main factor to consider. There is no sense in buying something you don’t like the look of or doesn’t suit your home. For example, will it go in your living room under a wall-mounted television, or will it be an added feature in your dining room?

The following will put you in the right the direction on what will make the best electric fireplace for your home.

Type of Fireplace

There is work and effort involved in installing a non-electric fireplace. An electric fireplace is by far a winner given the ease of installation. Ease of installation is a major selling point when it comes to deciding to buy. Our electric fireplaces easily plug into a wall outlet and your done. We recommend that you plug your fireplace in a dedicated outlet. Installation is easy as installing a microwave, just plug it in and your done!

  • A wall-mounted electric fireplace looks like a flat-screen TV that hangs with brackets (usually included in pack). These designs have a modern, minimalist aesthetic appeal which suits a range of modern interiors. These designs are made of durable fiberglass or metal for their durability.
  • Recessed fireplaces/inserts are installed in a wall cavity.  Our wall fireplaces is available in various sizes and styles.
  • Mantel electric fireplaces are beautiful and often resemble the traditional fireplace and are constructed from wood, stone, or a combination of the two. These classic freestanding models are available in many styles and designs you will love!

Size and Placement

You may already have an idea in mind where you would like to place your brand new electric fireplace, however it’s important to note that not every model suits or fits every room. For example, a wall-mounted electric fireplace, for example, suits bedrooms and dining rooms.

The place you have in mind for it and type of fireplace will help determine the right dimensions. It’s important to write down the exact dimensions of the area where the electric fireplace will be installed, along with the room size to factor in how much space you will have left after the installation. For example, converting a traditional fireplace into an electric fireplace requires the exact measurements of the existing one to ensure the best sized electric fireplace insert fits. We sell mantel packages with inserts as a complete package

The size of your room will also be relevant if the fireplace is intended to heat the entire room. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the electric fireplace isn’t either on the too small or too large side for the room.

Heating Options

A great amount of today’s electric fireplaces are mostly for appeal and how they look; they make only a visual fire effect but no heat. Our electric fireplace inserts offer heating and design. Ours generate warmth that you see in most entertainment settings to ensure that maximum warmth is provided.

Electric heater options come in three basic types:

  • Fan-type electric: Most common model. These heat a room by blowing air over hot coils. Fan-type fireplaces offer decent heating for small rooms.
  • Infrared: This type is quite fascinating. Instead of heating the air, the infrared fireplace will heat the objects in the room. Like the warm waves of rays of the sun, the infrared heat is heated light, warming whatever it shines upon. Infrared fireplaces can heat rooms up to 1,000 square feet, but the downside is that the user must be in the direct path of its rays to feel the warmth.
  • Convection: Most houses run these as their air-conditioning. Electric convection allows air to circulate naturally. The cool air enters through a vent over heated ceramic plates, then flows out through an upper vent and into the room. Most convection fireplaces come with a fan outside the home to help direct the flow of air. These can heat every medium sized room where there is a duct.


The flames are made with LED light technology. This now has come a long way which they can mimic a flame. The internal components are complex yet simple. There are very small rolling mirrors which create the look of real flames in modern electric fireplaces. They also include realistic embers and logs that glow to enhance the flame effect. The more real the electric flame looks, the more expensive.

However, how real it looks is not a priority of customers, given they care more about the heating! Some units also allow you to choose what colour flame you want and display to match the room’s decor or to relax with.

The team at DMA Online are ready to assist you in your next purchase.