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Electric Fireplaces

We have a range of mantel designs with heater inserts. View the below range of our handpicked exceptional designs to suit any décor.

Electric Fireplaces


We Stock, Mantel, Wall and Insert Heater Designs


Our designs are growing and have been extremely popular during the winter periods. We stock a range of brands including Dimplex and other known brands for both inserts and with mantel.


If you are looking for a stunning mantel with insert we have a range of them! Buy a mantel you will love! If you are looking for a mantel or insert we also have a growing range making our store the number one stop for an electric fireplace in Australia!

White Fireplaces
View our range of white or brown designs.
Stone Fireplaces
View our range of stone  designs.
Wall Fireplaces
View our range of wall designs. 
Fireplace Inserts
View our growing range of inserts.

Our range of electric fireplace with mantel designs are easy to install and are in stock.

Our designs will suit all decors and will provide your guests with the ultimate luxury, we have a solution for you.

Our range has a realistic flame effect with various features adding ambience and warmth to your home.

You will love the ambience given their luxury designs and economic power usage.

Installation is so simple, and can be installed or placed anywhere in your home. No exterior wall access is required.

There are many benefits of having an electric fireplace in your home. One advantage is that you don’t need a chimney! Not having a chimney, fuel or access to a gas connection to your home is not an issue as these plug into your power supply.

We stock a large range of wall mounted, insert and complete with mantel designs all available in different colors and styles.

Our range of designs feature innovative LED or LCD technology which beautify the flame effect and greatly decrease a power usage.

Our inserts can be used without the heat function if you want to see the realistic flame effect only so you can enjoy the flame look all year round.