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Common Questions

1. Is free delivery included for my postcode?  Answer: Yes, free delivery is included for all of our pool tables. 

2. Do the dining pool tables come with the table tops? Answer: Yes, it wouldn’t be a dining pool table without the dining table top!

3. What is the time frame for delivery? Answer: 5 – 14 days. Major Cities are more likely delivered around the 5 day spectrum.

4. Do the free accessories come with my pool table? Yes. All pool tables come with a complimentary accessories kit. 

5. For more information, please see our frequently asked questions page (FAQ’s).


Our Mission

We aim to deliver exceptional customer service and are available 7 days per week! 

We will endeavor to assist you at all times during shipment and any assistance with setup and play.

Our service is founded on excellent customer service. We will always try our best to find a win win solution and make great friends along the way!

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All in one design! 3 in 1 option to play pool, air hockey or table tennis/ping pong!
We have a range of 7ft and 8ft pool tables! They will not disappoint given our high quality materials used while at the same time you can buy the cheapest without compromising on quality!
We have a range of large tables. Best for the professional or someone with spare room.
We offer a range of $999 pool tables, easiest to assemble and great quality!
See a full list of our Elegant LED varieties suitable for bars or entertaining or those that like LED lights!
We also stock electric fireplaces with mantels & heater inserts, and more to come.
View our popular range of fold away pool tables.
We also sell accessories separately. These packs come with cues, balls and more!
Our game room packages are almost sold out!
We have a featured range of dining pool tables! Fits most room sizes! Very convenient to have and they save room! All of our customers have been quite happy with these given the variety of elegant dining top designs.
Our luxury slate dining pool tables are sure to impress and exceed your dining and pool table needs!
See our growing range of fitness equipment
We also have a range of elegant slate designs! The slate used on each design are Italian made slate, made with the best quality slate boards. Our slate designs also extend to slate dining tops with both complex and elegant designs that suit most modern décor.
We also have a variety of air hockey, health & fitness equipment and More!
Electric bikes are an energy efficient alternative to getting around.

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