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9FT Slate Carom Pool Table Blue Felt


Our 9ft slate carom pool table features solid timber rails and legs. The slate is a 25 mm thickness 3-piece slate for maximum durability and excellent ball play. Its beautiful mahogany timber is aesthetic and goes with most interior decors. This blue felt pool table also has adjustable leg levellers with a range from 82 cm-to 85 cm. Table dimensions: 290 x 165 x 82 cm. Inner dimensions: 237 x 115 cm.

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9FT Slate Carom Pool Table


  1. Package1 size / weight: 111*42*51cm / 20kg
  2. Package2 size / weight: 278*21*19cm / 25kg
  3. Package3 size / weight: 152*28*12 cm / 15kg
  4. Package4 size / weight: 315*20*18cm / 35kg
  5. Package5 size / weight: 45*35*30 cm / 10kg
  6. Package6 size / weight: 150*93*7cm / 90kg



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