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8FT Luxury Slate Pool Billiard Snooker Table HESTIA

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8FT Luxury Slate Pool Billiard Snooker Table

Luxury Slate Pool Table

The AU9 billiard table is Made of aspen wood with a Mahogany finish. The table features leg levellers, drop pockets, L77 rubber cushion imported from Taiwan, and K-Pattern backed slate for true roll.  A pool table you will love! Free delivery with accessories included.

1:SOLID WOOD TABLE FRAME: Solid wood cross supports to connect the table frame at each slate joint. This provides superior performance, supporting the slate joints as if the slate was one piece.

2:RASSON BRAND COMMERCIAL SLATE: This table is comprised of precision-cut 3pc premium RASSON slate, ground and then sanded flat within a tolerance of less than 0.1mm. provide a fine resistance to collision, seismic and abscission; and offer a more average and accurate ball response.

3:HIGH PRESSURE BONDING: Precision is critical and cushion rubber bonding and placement are essential to the overall performance. This table achieves superior accuracy and consistency through proprietary pneumatically controlled machines that bond the cushion rubber to the rails for a precision fit that doesn’t vary.

4:HARDENED DOME WASHER: Our hardened dome washer ensures that the rail is gripped directly on the table, providing constant tension, which prevents turning, sinking and loosening over time.


  • Traditional Australian style 8FT Pool Table
  • Made of aspen wood with a Mahogany finish.
  • Drop pockets.
  • L77 rubber cushion imported from Taiwan.
  • leg levellers.
  • K-Pattern backed slate with MDF back framed.
  • Dimensions:250 cm(L) x 138cm(W) x 84 cm(H)

Please Note:

  • Installation is required – but its not complex.
  • Please contact us if you need installation services.
  • Services provided to SYD/MEL/BNE Metro only.
  • Additional fees apply.
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2 reviews for 8FT Luxury Slate Pool Billiard Snooker Table HESTIA

  1. Avatar of Bryan


    Thank you. I will absolutely buy from the seller again.

  2. Avatar of Julian


    Great quality product and great services! Delivery is fast and easy! Delivery with friendly phone call to make sure all things are in the right place! Excellent job DMA Online!

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