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I am so happy with my new X-Pro. DMA Online has the expertise to make sure you have found the right table to suit your home and needs. There are a variety of designs to choose from!
Shaun Macdonald
Project Manager
1 Year Warranty
Great people, great pool tables! I bought a 4 in 1 table and we love it! I can highly recommend DMA Online and the tables they sell. Could not be happier!
Alicia Testimonial
Alicia Sutton

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View our range of products! We sell many different products ranging from pool tables to games tables including air hockey tables! 

We also sell electric bikes given they are the next best way to get around while saving the environment! If you need an electric fireplace we also stock them! 

All of our products include free delivery!

All In One Pool Tables
All in one design! 3 in 1 option to play pool, air hockey or table tennis/ping pong.
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Cheap Pool Tables
We offer a range of $999 billiard tables, easiest to assemble and great quality!
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Foldable Pool Tables
View our popular range of fold away pool tables.
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Elegant Dining Pool Table Designs
We have a featured range of dining pool tables! Fits most room sizes! Very convenient to have and they save room! All of our customers have been quite happy with these given the variety of elegant dining top designs.
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Slate Pool Tables
We also have a range of elegant slate designs! The slate used on each design is made with the best quality slate boards. Our slate designs also extend to slate pool tables with dining tops.
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7ft & 8ft MDF Pool Table Designs
We have a range of 7ft and 8ft billiard tables! They will not disappoint given our high quality materials used while at the same time you can buy the cheapest without compromising on quality!
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LED Pool Tables
See a full list of our Elegant LED varieties suitable for bars or entertaining or those that like LED lights!!
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Accessories Kits
We also sell accessories separately. These packs come with cues, balls and more!
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Slate Dining Pool Tables
Our luxury slate dining pool tables are sure to impress and exceed your dining and pool table needs!
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Air Hockey Tables
We also have a variety of air hockey tables that come with free pushers & pucks!
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10ft & 12ft Slate Pool Tables
We have a range of large tables. Best for the professional or someone with spare room.
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Electric Fireplaces
We also stock electric fireplaces with mantels & heater inserts, and more to come.
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Outdoor Furniture
Our outdoor furniture settings are almost sold out!
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Fitness Equipment
See our growing range of fitness equipment!
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Electric bikes are an energy efficient alternative to getting around.
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2022 Biggest Pool Table Sale!


We have been in the pool table business for over 10 years and this year our pool tables and other cool products sold out fast! Don’t worry we have new stock! Click here to see our highly sought pool tables for sale.

Was it the lockdowns that caused the massive sale? We don’t know, but there sure is many people in Australia shooting a game of pool! 

We’re in the business of making people happy by throwing in as much extras as we can where possible! So when you shop at DMA Online, you will be provided a high quality service as we go above the mile to make you happy! If you missed the main headline above, we confirm that we provide free shipping Australia wide!

 We ship our pool tables with reliable logistics companies and pride ourselves in our great customer service. Our response rate is pretty fast, you can even catch us on weekends, even if its not urgent.

If you make it to the checkout section, we have included the invoice option in addition to the card payment option. You can use the invoice option which allows our customers the opportunity to make a pending online order without paying a dime. This allows our team to double check stock before sending the customer an invoice for the payment.

Feel free to contact us 24/7.

Common Questions Asked

A good pool table doesn’t have to be expensive. The materials used during manufacture play an essential part in determining the overall pool table price.  Slate pool tables are more expensive than MDF pool tables. This is because slate pool tables are made with higher quality materials in terms of durability. They also have better ball play. In Australia, the price of an MDF pool table can range from $999 to $2,000. A slate table can range from $2,599 to over $10,000 depending on the pool table size and design.

The regulation size of an 8ft pool table in Australia is approximately 88 inches and 44 inches wide. A 9ft pool table is approximately 100 inches long and 50 inches wide. The width is usually half the length of the table. The length to width ratio is consistent just like the above tables. Without getting too technical, a 7ft or 8ft pool table is the general standard size.

A pool table for home use should be aesthetic in nature and look great in your home. The following pool tables are great for the home;

  • 7ft Dining Pool Tables
  • 8ft MDF Pool Tables
  • 7ft – 12ft Slate Pool Tables
  • All in One Pool Tables
  • 6ft – 8ft Foldable Pool Tables.

Some customers like the professional size pool table which is 8ft or typically 8’ x 4’ size. Others prefer the 7ft or typically 7’ x 3’6” bar size. The 8ft variety is ideal for bigger areas. The 7ft variety is ideal for smaller areas. Both sizes are excellent to play on. If you have the space available in your house, a bigger pool table would be great. Some people prefer the 7ft pool table as it’s easier to sink the balls and play is faster.

For 7ft pool tables is approximately 13′ x 16′ 2″. 8ft pool tables require approximately 13′ 5” x 16′ 10″ and 9ft tables require 14′ x 17′ 10” room sizes.

Foldable pool tables start at $899. The 7ft standard pool tables start at $1299. These prices provide value for money with delivery and complementary cues, balls, and more.

Our 7ft $1299 pool tables are the best value for money. They are easy to assemble, good quality and we always receive great feedback regarding this pool table.

We stock a variety of products including:

  • Electric fireplaces
  • Electric bikes
  • Air hockey tables
  • Gym equipment
  • Massage chairs
  • Trampolines
  • Outdoor furniture settings

Our stock is always growing!