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JMQ Fitness RBT5100 Multifunction Fitness Station Home Gym System Weight


Workout back, shoulders, chest, arms, abs and legs. Lat Pull down, butterfly, bench press, both hands rowing, leg curl and many more. Steel and PVC construction for high quality and durability. Dual function arm press allows you engage in an upper body workout. Up to 12 high and low pulleys for various upper and lower body exercises. Equipped with combination chest press and fly station, you’ll get twice the upper-body results. Variety of exercise options you can choose to strengthens your muscles of back, arms and core. Space-saving machine with multifunctional workout that you do not need buy many kinds of trainers. Padded seat with backrest and armrest for comfort. Specifications: Maximum capacity: 250kg, Dimensions (L/W/H):980*2180*2100mm NW/GW:72kg/68kg.


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